Eating Whole Foods Is More Important Than Counting Calories For Weight Loss

It isn’t all about the calories!! It is about the type of food we eat. Unprocessed whole raw foods take more energy=calories to break down. For example, protein takes 20% of it’s energy just to break it down. So le’ts say you eat 500 calories of protein a day. Your body only takes in 400 because it took 100 calories just to break down the protein. That is is why we are full when we eat whole nutritious foods that take a lot of work for the body to digest.  It is also what our bodies were designed to do.  Processed foods are easier for the body to digest, but the chemicals in it are hard for our body to get rid off.  You will notice when you switch to whole foods that you have more energy.  That is because our bodies don’t have to use energy breaking down toxic chemicals it wasn’t designed to deal with.  I suggest focusing on eating organic nutritious fruits and raw vegetables.  In addition, eat protein in the form of lean meat, diary without sugar, and complex carbohydrates like beans, raw nuts, and vegetarian protein sources like quinoa.  You will be so full you won’t have to focus on every calorie.  You might even think you are eating more than ever because the quantity of unprocessed foods is more than that of processed foods that are very calorie dense. In addition, you will probably start losing weight!



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