Fail to Plan – Plan to Fail


Ever heard of the saying, “Fail to plan, plan to fail.”

There is a lot of truth to it.

A person who is serious about making a lifestyle change and not just take part in a quick fix will take the time to prepare foods ahead of time and/or buy easy things to have around for those times when there needs to be something healthy available because there isn’t time to prepare something.

Some examples of staples that are a must in my house are: protein powder, Greek yogurt, protein bars, ready to drink protein shakes, and V-8 juice. Edamame another example of a very healthy snack packed full of protein and fiber.

However, we need to eat REAL FOOD as much as possible at least four times a day. We should be eating three reasonable meals and 1-2 snacks to keep the metabolism working for us all day. Don’t forget fruits or vegetables at every meal and protein. The hardest time for my clients to incorporate protein seems to be breakfast. Try eggs, cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, raw almonds, (roasted are not healthy and keep us craving more).

For protein, here are some suggestions that people have shared with me that I am passing on to you. Once a week or so, cook several chicken breasts and freeze them. Hard boil some eggs and have them ready to grab when you need a quick snack.

For healthy carbohydrates, try cooking unprocessed grains every 2 weeks so they are ready to go when you are hungry and in a hurry. Ex. quinoa, barley (hulled), millet, amaranth, rolled oats, oat bran, brown rice, etc. Once they are cooked, put them in individual portions and freeze them. Why unprocessed grains? These grains take longer to digest, have more protein in them and are more satisfying. Quinoa is a complete protein on it’s own and is also considered a grain. All of the above grains are all available in bulk at health food stores or the health food section of your local grocery store.

Try buying fresh fruit once a week and lettuce. One suggestion is to put the lettuce in zip lock baggies. They stay fresh in there for up to two weeks! Salads are easy to incorporate into the daily diet this way and much more economical.

Planning has been one of the keys to my success and I hope it will be yours too if it isn’t already!