How Important is the Scale to Measuring my Progress?

I tell my clients that the scale is just one way of measuring progress. Far more important is taking regular measurements. They need to include the chest, waist, arms, hips, and calves. Measure at the same time of the day every 2 weeks or at least once a month. This will really measure your fat loss and muscle gains. I have had clients lose only 2 pounds, but lose 9 inches. This means that the fat is getting converted to muscle which takes up less space.
I recommend weighing only once a week at the same time taking into account high sodium intake from the day before which will make the body retain water, and other factors such as a pasta meal the night before. Carbohydrates attract water to the body which is 55-65% water anyway.
I tell my clients to measure progress in the following ways: How do my clothes feel?, How much progress am I making in my workouts?, How is my energy now that I am working out? Am I noticing muscle definition? These are all signs of progress. It is time to put the scale in its place. It isn’t the most important measurement, but just one of many!!