How To Keep Getting Results In Your Workout

For those of you that have a great workout plan, it is easy, because we are creatures of habit, to do the same exercises in the same way each time. Some of the things I do with my clients is change the order of the exercises, add a balance component like doing bicep curls on one leg to get the core stabilizer muscles at the same time, and change the method of doing the exercise. For example, sitting down to do shoulder presses instead of standing to take the temptation of using the body to push up the weight. It is a good rule of thumb to change up something every time you workout so your body doesn’t get used to what you are doing and therefore can still give you the results you desire.
Of course one of the very best investments you can make is to hire a personal trainer. I do, even as a trainer myself, once a year just so I can make sure I have the best workout plan for my goals and health. Find a trainer who not only looks, but lives the lifesyle you want to emulate. I recommend at the minimum to purchase 5 sessions so the personal trainer has enough time to really teach you the correct form for every exercise in your plan. The best investment of course is 20 sessions because then you can have a different plan for several days of the week and that will give you enough time to thoroughly learn the correct form without your trainer. I am currently taking new clients and also have my Health Coach Certification so I can bring you more to the service you invest in.