Want to know my number one health tip?

Drink more water!

Here are 6 reasons that may convince you:
1. It boosts your mood according to a study done where
participants who doubled their intake from 5 to 10 glasses
of water felt more contented.
2. You may heal faster. Researchers found drinking 16 oz. of
water after a cut improves microvascular circulation in your skin.
3. It can lower your chance for a stroke. A study done at John Hopkins found that 44% of
stroke victims were dehydrated.
4. It can help your workouts by helping you from getting cramps and heat stroke.
5. It increases your brain power. Mild dehydration can suppress blood vessels in your brain
which leads to short term memory problems, poor attention, and slow reaction times.
6. It can quiet a headache. Anytime your head starts hurting, drink 1-6 glasses of water
slowly and you could be pain free in as little as 30 minutes.