Client Testimonials

Chrissy’s Success Story…

Before and After

Before and After

“Hi, my name is Chrissy and I am writing this to thank NMBAFC and especially Liz, my personal trainer, for helping me improve my quality of life. I was in a serious car accident 15 years ago and have been in a wheel chair since then. Even ordinary tasks like getting in and out of bed, bathing, dressing, and getting my two year old son his meals were major tasks for me.Now with Liz’s instruction and dedication, I can now do the following: walk with a walker, get in and out of bed, feed my son, get in and out of the shower and so much more. I can even walk on a treadmill. It is amazing how much we have accomplished together. As I continue to work with Liz, I know I will become stronger not only physically, but mentally as well. I now know there is a light at the end of the tunnel and I am very thankful for Liz and all of you who have encouraged me along the way. Who knows maybe some day I won’t even need my walker. Wouldn’t that be amazing?”


Kayla’s Success Story…

Before and After

Before and After


“Kayla came to me on May 21, 2014 for weight loss, strength gains and toning. She weighed in at 301. After 8 months of Kayla’s journey on 1/29/15, she has lost 92.4 pounds, 15% body fat, 14% BMI and 62 1/2 inches.I can’t begin to tell you how proud I am of her progress!!! Her transformation isn’t completely over yet, but I just had to post her amazing progress!! I am so proud of her hard work.”

Elizabeth Reighard




Annette’s Success Story…

Before and After


“If you are looking for a Personal Trainer I can totally recommend Liz. I have been with Liz for about 18 months, initially to loose weight and tone up for my daughter’s wedding last year, and then later she helped in my recovery from a ruptured tendon in my calf which happened playing tennis. Her vast knowledge of exercise, nutrition and general well being have been invaluable to me. Liz will find out your goals and what you want out of the experience and help you all the way.”

Annette Elliott



Mary’s Success Story…


Before and After

Five Years of Direction To a Healthier Life

“Liz Reighard is a truly excellent trainer.  She has the perfect combination of toughness and warmth.  Liz works the whole person mentally, emotionally and physically. I’ve worked with Liz for 5 years.  She has guided me through nutrition, weight lifting and running a 1/2 marathon plus more!  At age 60, I needed to learn how to manage my body. Liz places a high value on correct form with each exercise. I am stronger and much more flexible. My balance also has improved immensely. If you are serious about changing your life for the better, Liz will lead you every step of the way. Thank you Liz, you are the best!”     Mary Smith



Lisa’s Success Story…

Before and After

“I am 44 and have lost 28 pounds and gained enormous strength since working with Liz from the beginning of January 2010 until September 2010.  I can do multiple sets of pull ups for the first time in my life without assistance.  Prior to working with Liz, I believed that it wasn’t possible to improve my physical and emotional confidence this much in less than 9 months without an unrealistic time commitment.  I was wrong about the time commitment.  It has also been fun getting in the best shape I have been in over 20 yeas though working out only 3 hours per week leaving me to raise my toddler and run my business. I want to thank Liz so very much for changing my life!  Her mentoring in exercise, dieting and discipline grew to changes in my spiritual and emotional health.  I am very grateful to know someone like Liz and to have been trained by her.  I now see obstacles as an opportunity to find creative solutions to my problems.”      Lisa Bender
Update from Liz: Lisa went on to have another child at 46 and still works out faithfully 3 hours a week with the same intensity she did when I trained her years earlier.  She is an inspiration to many women at the gym.


Angie B’s Success Story…

Before and After

Before and After



“Liz works with her clients at their level. Whether it be novice or experienced. Her workouts are geared to the individual. She is down to earth , practical and smart. Her personal training can and will make a difference for anyone who wants to get in better shape or just improve their overall health.”

Angie B




Terry’s Success Story…

Before and After (Terry is on the left)


“If you are searching for a lifestyle change along with a true support coach, you owe it to your health and happy life to check out precision Training! After struggling for 50 years Liz has changed my life and how I see myself in increased strength and not what the scales say! I’m so much better at 56 than I ever been in my life!”    Terry C.



Sally’s Success Story…

Before and After

Before and After

“I am a woman who has always exercised and tried to lead a healthy life style.  At age 62, after retiring and moving here, I was in a rut and just couldn’t lose that extra weight.  My grandmother had died at my age of a stroke, and I wanted to be sure I was doing everything possible to stay fit. I had watched Liz Reighard of Precision Personal Training working with her clients and her positive attitude and outlook impressed me.  I started training with Liz and noticed wonderful changes happening.  I became stronger, started losing inches and weight and even lost three pounds while on a cruise. Liz has helped me realize that varying my workout routine can take the monotony out of exercise and keep me motivated.  When I felt discouraged and reached a plateau, she would encourage me to keep pushing.  She helped me to achieve more than I thought possible. Having Liz as my personal trainer has been the best thing I’ve done for myself.  Besides enjoying my success, I’ve made a wonderful new friend in Liz.”         Sally Koontz

Mitch and Mel’s Success Story


“Mitch and I have been training with Liz Reighard for the past 2 months. I know we would not have stayed on track without the personal attention she has given to our training sessions. Liz is consistently enthusiastic, extremely encouraging and specific with her helpful guidance and instructions.
We were ready to restart a long forgotten fitness regiment here at the coast, as we transitioned into retirement. We knew we needed help and boy, we feel blessed to have found Liz! Liz is a perfect fit for us. She got to know us and then tailored a unique plan for us. She brings her vast knowledge of training expertise, health coaching skills, nutrition and solid professionism to each session. Liz covers it all. She is truly a good person with a sincere passion to help others to be the best they can be. She knows how to thoroughly instruct, mix it up, motivate, successfully suggest and she even knows how to change course when necessary.

We are now working hard to develop a new lifestyle. Our goal is to continue to work out and maintain a compensatory level of fitness for our age and abilities. We have so appreciated Liz’s help!! Mitch and I also know we will need her fine tuning as we continue down our forever path to our best health. We look forward to the benefit of Liz’s continued assistance for a long time to come.”  Melinda Grant, North Myrtle Beach, September 13, 2016


“Liz has helped me in ways that I never expected . She has been my trainer for four months now, I have lost weight and inches but more than what I have lost is what I have gained …knowledge and confidence. Thank you Liz for everything but mostly for your patience with me. You are the best.”

Carmela Westcott

“Liz Reighard is a consummate professional and outstanding motivator. A client of hers for 18 months, I am in the best shape of my life! Liz covers all the bases…nutrition, strength training, cardio…and provides constant feedback and tweaking to help me meet my fitness goals. She goes above and beyond and surpasses the work ethic and professionalism of any trainer that I have ever had.”

Angie Edwards

“Hi….I am a student and Liz really really got me going and back in shape. She explained what I needed to do and showed me exactly how to do it. That was about 7 years ago and I still do exactly what she taught me and it works great. I am in great shape and have good health taking no RX. I can say that one of the best days in my life was when I attended the first session. I did my routine today and it works just as well as the first day and my weight is exactly right for my age and height. Thanks to Liz, I am living and enjoy a great life!”

Phil Hartten

“Awesome person and trainer. Have been taking her TRX classes for two years. Can’t thank you enough Liz.”

Sandy St. Clair

“Liz is 100% committed to her clients and their success! She takes pride in her work and will do anything it takes to motivate her clients to be the best they can be! I highly recommend Liz if you are looking to get into shape and discover your full potential.”

Meagan, NMB

“She is one of the best trainers I have ever had. She is so dedicated to her profession and really cares for her clients! She was always on time. She came up with the best exercises for my scoliosis! Her TRX work helped improve my golf game!”

Nancy Terrell

“Liz is an excellent personal trainer and I would highly recommend her. I have been going to her faithfully since November 2013 and have seen a difference in my overall fitness. I am a senior with bad knees and she personalizes our sessions to meet my special needs and gives advice on lifestyle changes to improve the overall quality of my life.”

Mary Ann B.

“Liz is wonderful at getting you motivated.. She understands your level and capability to move you forward. with in a few weeks I was amazed at what I could actually do! You see results . so this keeps you focused on continuing to work out.”

Fran T.

“I have a very bad back, during my classes with Liz, she was very patient and understanding. She was always prompt and ready for my sessions when I arrived. I would recommend her as a personal trainer.”

Francis P.

“Liz Reighard is a jewel among physical trainers. While being an expert in personal training and the human body, she is perceptive, sensitive to the needs of her clients, and inspiration to all of them. Eight months ago, I became her client. I fairly stumbled into the fitness center with the aid of a walker. I had given up all social engagements, much of my homemaking, and any hope that I would be able to enjoy my profession again. I had been diagnosed with the need for double knee replacements due to progressive osteoarthritis. Today, the walker is history. I am nearly fifty pounds light and I am enjoying the activities of life again, especially being involved in the lives of my six grandchildren. Kudos to Liz Reighard for her leadership, encouragement, expertise, and joyful spirit. I cannot sing her praises too loudly.”

Pat Lewis