Finding Your Passion to Achieve Your Personal Best

By Elizabeth Reighard

What do you love to do that is active? When you were a kid, what were your favorite activities?Answering these questions can help put some passion in your workouts. I used to love bike riding as a kid. As an adult, I pursued it again. I signed up for a race for a great cause, (MS) got fitted properly for a good racing bike and got all the gear to go with it. I trained with others and had a great time accomplising my goal. At the gym, I really liked heavy weight training. I got a trainer and learned how to properly lift and gradually got stronger. I still like to pursue new personal records by competing against myself. I am passionate about it because I love the sense of empowerment it gives me. I would love to set up a training program designed especially for you to achieve any goal you want to pursue. Dream, train, achieve!